How to pump up the press: everything is simple
The abdominal region consists of four muscle groups. The transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis) lies inside, supporting your internal organs. Internal oblique muscles run diagonally from the pelvis to the…

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Where do aikido
“In aikido, we don’t rely on weapons or brute force to achieve a goal, instead we act in accordance with the laws of the universe, save the world around us,…

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Secrets of a beautiful press
Today, many sports magazines offer "high-performance" methods of pumping the abdominal muscles in the shortest possible (in) time. For example, how to build a press dice for 2 months of…

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Biceps Training – Arnold Tips

At age 19, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bicep volume of 51 centimeters, and in his best form 56.7 centimeters. Arms have always been one of his strengths, especially his biceps.
This is probably why Schwarzenegger gives a lot of thorough advice on training biceps and triceps.
To increase the weight of the biceps, Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends using the basic exercise – the classic biceps barbell lifting.
At the same time, keep the brush level, do not bend it. If in this exercise the arms are not fully extended, the middle part of the biceps will be loaded mainly, with the full extension of the arms, the lower part of the biceps will work more. Continue reading

Six Easy Ways to Improve Stamina

Strengthening endurance is not so difficult, but at the same time, this work is also not simple. All you need is a competent task setting and the will necessary to change the work of your body. Of course, you will meet obstacles – lack of time, fatigue and so on. But you should not worry – endurance is developed imperceptibly and this process does not require a huge amount of time. You should use time in the best way possible. Below are 6 of these methods:
Create a lesson plan
First of all, you need an action strategy. Make a routine that you really are able to follow. Do not set unrealistic goals, but do not allow yourself to be discouraged. Continue reading

Unusual, but gaining in the form of training

Sometimes the usual forms of fitness bother and do not cause any more interest. Recently, however, new forms are gaining popularity, which are based on an unusual and even slightly experimental approach. Here are six such workouts, with which you can lose weight and develop the body:
1. Zumba
Zumba is an energetic workout based on different types of dance. If you choose zumbo classes in the classroom, you will encounter the usual form of training when the group repeats the movements behind the instructor. Exercises are very diverse, interesting and energetic, so you will burn calories and improve your physical condition. Continue reading

What is aqua aerobics
Aqua aerobics is more a form of fitness than a sports discipline. It is a set of various exercises in the pool, including swimming elements. Doing aqua aerobics is useful…


Where do aikido
“In aikido, we don’t rely on weapons or brute force to achieve a goal, instead we act in accordance with the laws of the universe, save the world around us,…


Female fitness and perfect bust
The popular myth that exercise is harmful to the chest, has long been debunked. If you want your breasts to be in shape, run to the gym. Regular workouts will…